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Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist, Oklahoma City, was first organized as the Northwest Oklahoma City Group of Christian Scientists, on February 10, 1978. 

At the end of two years, in February of 1980, the group was designated a branch of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, with the official designation Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist, Oklahoma City.  It was incorporated as an Oklahoma non-profit organization in April 1981.  In 2003, after meeting for twenty-five years in leased spaces, Fifth Church instituted a building fund in anticipation of purchasing property and constructing its own church edifice.  But in 2012, came the opportunity to buy a lot with an existing building, the interior of which could be completely renovated to meet the church's needs.  The lot and building where the church is located today were purchased and the renovation began. 

The first Sunday service was held the following year on August 25, 2013.  The building was dedicated on October 11, 2015.


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